Shortbread Cookies

Many years ago, my nephew was diagnosed with severe food allergies. He had it all: allergies to eggs, nuts, beans, etc. Obviously, it was very difficult for a young boy to not be able to eat all of the baked goods he saw everyone in the family able to eat. The answer was to make […]

Coconut Macaroons

  Coconut macaroons are a favorite in our household, actually anything that has coconut in it.  I made these as an Easter treat for my husband because he had given up dessert for Lent and these are truly his favorite.  It also helped to have my official taste tester available for service! He was such […]

Pignoli Cookies, Yum!

As soon as I start to make pignoli cookies I start to smile just from the scent of the almond paste!  You no longer have to go to an Italian bakery to enjoy these little treats.  These cookies take time to prepare so I don’t suggest making them if you are in a rush.  The […]